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PayPal is by far the easiest and most automated method of receiving payments over the web. We therefore highly recommend using this payment option for your web store. PayPal also supports credit card payments! The buyer does not need to have a PayPal account in order to make purchases with this option, however, you as the seller will need to set up a free PayPal account on their website and enter your PayPal account in the space below.
  Credit Card.
Select this option if you have your own credit card system that you can use to accept payments. You will need to contact the buyer directly (ie: by phone) to obtain their card details securely.
Select this option if you wish to allow buyers to mail you a check for payment. Please be aware that when a purchase email request comes through, you will need to reply to the buyer with the final amount (including shipping) and your mailing address for them to send the check.
Select this option if you are willing to accept cash payments. This is not usually recommended except in cases where the buyer and seller are local to each other.

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